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About NBA Harvesting, LLC.

      NBA Harvesting, LLC. branched off from our family farming company, NBA Farms.  We offer custom harvesting services in Central Nebraska.  Recently, we've expanded our services westwards toward North Platte and the surrounding areas there.  Adding more equipment to their operating line, Owners, Bruce and Nathan Christensen now have a long standing customer base to which they serve multiple custom harvesting options. 

To Our Customers

      NBA Harvesting is based on respect and hard work.  Each employee and customer is highly valued in our company and we make sure each customers request is fulfilled by the end of the day. Relying on our positive feedback and repetative customers, our excellent service is sure to satisfy even the toughest of customers.

      Communication is the key to a sucessful harvest.  From the most important specifications to the littlest concern, our customers will be able to contact either Nathan or Bruce directly at any time of day.


Maintaining positive relationships builds a stronger community.  By satisfying each customers request and keeping an open communication line, we can build our customers trust and confidence.  Also, NBA Harvesting, LLC. and NBA Farms purchases many of their parts and tools from local, rural small town businesses.  This builds our community by keeping small businesses afloat and strengthens our relationships with the locals.  

      We look forward to harvesting with you in the near future!  Check out our Services page for more information or the Contact Us page to get in touch!

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NBA Harvesting, LLC.

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